St. Michael the has long been considered
the Patron Saint of Dumfries Burgh
The photograph above is the entrance to the Mid Steeple. This building is the earliest known seat of the Burgh Council. A large image of St. Michael has been built into the wall near the head of the stairway.  A detail of this image is shown opposite.
In artistic terms this image is considered to be rather crude.  Never the less it has been repeated many times as can be seen from the photographs below.  
When it came to translating the image into stained glass more care was taken to provide an artistic representation.
Above:  The image of St Michael forms part of the Provist's chair which can be seen in the former Burgh Chambers.
Right:  The image of St Michael on the
Suspension Bridge over the River Nith. 
Above:  This ornate lamp carrying the Burgh Coat of Arms in full, was once located outside the house belonging to the Provost.  When the holder of this office changed the lamp would be moved to the door of the latest incumbent.
Right: The Burgh Coat of Arms on
St Michael's Bridge.
Stained Glass window in the former Burgh Chambers
Stained Glass window in the Ewart Library
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