Lochmaben's long history records various spellings of the name.
The result is that various meanings are now given. 
One source suggests a Gaelic derivation Lochmabane,
from the Gaelic maol beinn, meaning 'Loch of the bare hill'.
According to the 'Old Statistical Account' there were as many as eight lochs at one time.
A nunnery by one of them is said to have given the town the name 'Loch of the Maidens'. 
Other suggestions as to the derivation of the name make links with the Roman god Mabonus.
Lochmaben Town Hall stands at a Y junction in the main road between Dumfries and Lockerbie.  
Bruce Street, on the left as seen above, carries the traffic to and from Dumfries and on the right
 Queen Street  takes traffic to and from Moffat via the hamlet of Templand.
Both roads combine in the High Street after passing the statue of Robert the Bruce.
The road divides again at the far end where it leaves Lochmaben for Lockerbie (see below).
The main flow of traffic takes the A709 route to the town of  Lockerbie but a minor road,
the B7020 goes to Annan via Dalton village. These two roads branch either side of Castle Loch.
The Dalton road passes the ruins of the Castle of Lochmaben which was an English stronghold
until its destruction by the Scots after a seige in 1301 during the Wars of Independence.
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